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To lose the connection between a same-intercourse or other-sex pair because of culturally-induced toxic masculinity or femininity is tragic. Asexuals have shown us that it is actually possible. Most likely we should just celebrate the love that has no name.

costotransverse joint - articulation between the rib's tubercle along with the transverse technique of the vertebra

The quality of the recording, I think, speaks for alone. It had been rushed - the crew in the live broadcast ended up reportedly appalled at how it sounded more like a demo than a concluded track - and it lacks the sheen and care of a typical Martin-produced song.

A substantial amount of paint on this wall, eh? Certainly I've got my version of Beatles Mystique operating at full throttle as well -- they're my favorite band. But just one more thing about Paperback Writer:

Heh. I just realized that I said I was in whole agreement with "everything" plok said, and then a couple sentences later I disagreed with a larger substantial part of his argument. This is what I get for not bothering to re-read. :)

The melody to "AYNIL" is plodding and lazy, even for your Lennon song. Just hum the the title by itself, as sung by Lennon - it's totally monotone. And when this type of monotone delivery is repeated again as it's within the refrain (with an odd choice of descending horns filling from the space between lines, the affect of which strikes me as depressing/ive) it causes the music to become tired and weighty. In short, the music fails to sell the sentiment that the lyrics are describing.

So perhaps an element on the song is worth noting, nevertheless the song as being a whole is nearly the worst thing the band recorded.

The show succeeds in showing the nuance in Victor's parents' reactions — each of his parents are confused and offer with it in vastly different ways. His father (James Martinez) mostly struggles with the best way to become a good father to a gay son and seeks advice from a surprising source; his mother (Ana Ortiz) attempts to find answers within the Catholic church...which goes about as well when you'd imagine considering that institution's history.

Victor and Benji have sex, but Isabel walks in on them. This causes a confrontation with her and Benji, in which a heated Benji outs Victor to Adrian. Stunned, Victor asks Benji to leave. The next morning, the Salazars finally tell Adrian that Victor is gay, and he happily supports it. Mia is upset to discover her father is making her move to California after the wedding, and debates reconnecting with her estranged mother. She makes him assure to not take The task, but he goes back on his word.

So The 2 works in question to perform seem to be -- hanged man reverse love from the minds of their authors at least -- emblematic works. I think there are plenty of followers who think along the same lines.

The early stages of falling in love might be summarized into three feelings: euphoria, personal endangerment, and exhaustion because of the first two.

Plok -- I want to work with your second to last paragraph being a start for your whole new post where I quote it and many of us talk about it, because I think that is actually a really good and complicated subject matter.

The joints of the head in the ribs are formed where the facets (or demifacets) with the head with the rib articulate with their corresponding vertebral body, the body of your vertebra over, plus the intervening intervertebral discs. For example, the fifth rib articulates with the superior costal facet of your body of the fifth vertebra, the inferior costal facet with the body in the fourth vertebra, as well as the intervertebral disc between these vertebrae.

(Although I might then have to counter with what I'd argue are better songs that do much the same thing.) But, really, I don't understand why you think this song is worth fighting for. And I don't think that you've really tried using, in almost any case.

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